Tips for choosing the best tiles for your bathroom

Are you smack in the middle of renovating your bathroom and you are undecided on what type of tiles to install in your bathroom? The choice of tiles that you go for will determine the overall look and feel of your bathroom. With the right choice of tile for your bathroom, you will turn your bathroom into one of the highlights of your house. Your bathroom deserves to have a beautiful look since it is one of the most important rooms in your house. Therefore, selecting the right type of tiles for your bathroom requires a lot of careful consideration. Here are 5 tips to guide you in selecting the best tiles for your bathroom.

Stand out feature

If you have always dreamt of having that one tile design in your bathroom, then you should go for it and use it as a starting point to help you choice other tile designs that you will want to be installed in your bathroom. Whether they are that simple white tiles or that travertine style.

Different tiles

Once you have chosen your dream tiles as a starting point, you can then go for other tile designs that you would like to include in your design. However, for a perfect look in your bathroom, you should limit the number of tile designs you use to three. You should have one color for your bathroom floor, one for the tub or shower surrounding and one design as a focal point.

Size of the tiles

The size of the tiles that you choose to have in your bathroom should match the size of your bathroom. So if you have a small bathroom, then you should work with tiles that are much smaller in size. Larger tiles on a smaller bathroom will make your bathroom to appear smaller than it is.

Consider maintenance requirements

Those wet areas like your bathroom will need to be cleaned most of the time. You should, therefore, go for ceramic or porcelain tiles since they require little maintenance. You won’t have to clean your bathroom frequently. However, if you use tiles made from natural stones, you will have some cleaning work to do every day in your bathroom. This is because these types of tiles tend to hold onto dirt since they are porous.

Funky floor tiles

Although you need to have durable thick tiles on your bathroom floor, it does not mean that the floor tiles cannot be funky. You can get extra-creative by having mosaic tiles on your bathroom floor. With their interesting patterns, mosaic tiles will bring a colorful look to your bathroom floor.