Mistakes When Setting Mice Traps

Mistakes When Setting Mice Traps

Have you ever had a mouse in your house? Have you found your important documents or that beautiful dress or shirt destroyed by this notorious pest? Then you understand how desperate you want it out of the house. With the right tricks, the pest can be easily chased out or been killed. But if you keep doing it wrong when setting the bait, it will never go. Most people make mistakes when setting the mousetrap; this article will outline the mistakes and how to avoid them.

Mouse traps

Too much bait

To kill the pet, you need to have a bait where you place the poison. The mistake many of us make is having too much bait placed. If this happens, the mouse will come, eat the bait and probably not reach the part with poison. To avoid this, make sure to place just a little bait, this way the mouse will eat all of it plus the poison, the outcome will be just as you wanted.


Never place water near the trap area or anywhere the mouse can access. Some baits are meant to dehydrate the mouse to death, when it takes it and meets a savior water in this case, then you will have done zero work. Let the bait be placed away from all water sources.


Mice love to stay in dark places, this means the bait must be placed in the same areas. They use house corners as a hiding place and as paths. When the bait is in those parts, you are assured that the pest must meet it. If it is in the open, it might never reach it.

Neat house

This is the number one way to do away with mice and almost all pests. They like hiding in those parts of the house that are stuffed and dark. If you keep the house neat, without things all over under the bed, then the pests will not have anywhere to hide.